We offer an on-site pharmacy in order to remove any barriers to your care as well as for your convenience. Our licensed and professional pharmacists are available to answer questions for any new or continued medications.

Reliant Healthcare Pharmacy opening in July at Pinnacle Family Health!


Pinnacle Family Health will soon be opening our on-site Reliant Healthcare Pharmacy, furthering our commitment to providing comprehensive care for our patients. With this addition, we're providing convenient access to prescription medications right within our facility. Ensuring on-site access to medications is crucial for maintaining optimal health, and our on-site pharmacy will play a pivotal role in meeting this need efficiently and effectively. Our on-site Reliant Healthcare Pharmacy is not only convenient for our patients, but it also ensures access for those who face transportation challenges. We are dedicated to continually improving patient care, and the introduction of Reliant Healthcare Pharmacy marks another milestone in our ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Pinnacle's Reliant Healthcare Pharmacy is proud to leverage public programs to offer lower pricing on select prescriptions, further demonstrating our commitment to accessible and affordable healthcare. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with government initiatives, we can negotiate competitive pricing and pass on these savings directly to our patients. By participating in programs designed to assist individuals with limited financial resources, we ensure that essential medications remain within reach for all members of our community. This approach aligns with our core values of equity and inclusivity, allowing us to fulfill our mission of providing high-quality care that is both accessible and affordable for everyone we serve.


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