HIV Support Services

Our dedication to providing holistic HIV support services ensures that individuals living with HIV receive the essential support needed to lead fulfilling lives, emphasizing a commitment the well-being of our patients.

Benefits Assistance:

Pinnacle Family Health's Benefits and Eligibility Coordinators assist clients with application for public and private programs such as Medicaid, Medicare Part D, the state AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), Pharmacy Assistance Programs, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Patient Assistance Programs, other state or local health care and supportive services, or health insurance Marketplace plans.

The Benefits and Eligibility Coordinators also work with each client to determine their eligibility for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) services.


Housing Assistance (HOPWA):

Pinnacle Family Health offers three types of Housing Assistance.

Services provided include:

You can speak with a Non-Medical Case Manager regarding PHP eligibility and guidelines.


Mental Health Services:

Mental Health Services are the provision of outpatient psychological and psychiatric screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and counseling services offered to clients living with HIV. Services are based on a treatment plan, conducted in an outpatient group or individual session, and provided by a mental health professional licensed or authorized within the state to render such services. This typically includes psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers. Pinnacle Family Health has a psychologist and licensed professional counselor on staff at its offices.


Medical Case Management:

Medical Case Management is the provision of a range of client-centered activities focused on improving health outcomes in support of the HIV care continuum. Activities may be prescribed by an interdisciplinary team that includes other specialty care providers.

The objective of Medical Case Management services is to improve a person's health outcomes. Priority populations include people who are newly diagnosed, homeless, pregnant, have a mental health diagnosis, have a history of substance use, are out of care, have a language or cultural barrier, or have the absence of speech, sight, hearing, or mobility.

Medical Case Management includes:


Non-Medical Case Management:

Non-Medical Case Management services provide guidance and assistance in accessing medical, social, community, legal, financial, and other needed services. Non-Medical Case Management services may also include assisting eligible clients to obtain access to other public and private programs for which they may be available. When not handled by Pinnacle Family Health's Benefits Coordinator, the Non-Medical Case Managers may assist with public and private programs such as Medicaid, Medicare Part D, the state AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), Pharmacy Assistance Programs, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Patient Assistance Programs, other state or local health care and supportive services, or health insurance Marketplace plans.

Non-Medical Case Management services are home and community-based. Case Managers will encounter patients in their environment, which may include a residence, a public facility, in the streets, or at Pinnacle Family Health's offices.

Services will target individual clients who have difficulty functioning well in the community due to barriers which include, but are not limited to: lack of knowledge regarding available services, inability to maintain financial independence, homelessness, deteriorating medical condition, psychiatric illness, substance use, illiteracy, inability to complete necessary forms, inability to arrange and complete entitlement and medical appointments, language/cultural barriers, and/or the absence of speech, sight, hearing, or mobility.

The objective of Non-Medical Case Management is to provide guidance and assistance in improving access to needed services. Non-Medical Case Management does not involve coordination and follow-up of medical treatments, as Medical Case Management does.

Non-Medical Case Management includes:


Medical Transportation Assistance:

Medical Transportation is the provision of non-emergency transportation services that enables an eligible client to access or be retained in core medical and support services.

Transportation services for people living with HIV and accompanying significant others to access medical and/or support services. Transportation can include, but not be limited to, scheduled and unscheduled routes and destinations as supported by documented client need. This service does not include emergency transportation services.

To be eligible for Medical Transportation Assistance, the client must be ineligible for Medicaid transportation or other transportation services.

The client should be referred for services by a Pinnacle Case Manager, Direct Assistance Coordinator, or other approved Pinnacle personnel.


Food Voucher Program:

Our Food Voucher Program provides nutritional assistance to eligible Ryan White clients in need of nutritional support. This program also includes the provision of essential non-food items that are limited to the following:

Unallowable costs associated with the Food Voucher Services program include:

Clients must be properly screened by the Case Manager for other available food assistance programs, such as Louisiana Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and WIC. New applications should be submitted annually. However, participation in another food assistance program (i.e., SNAP, WIC, etc.) does not preclude a client from receiving Food Voucher services.


Support Groups:

We offer at least one Support Group meeting for our clients living with HIV every month. The support groups feature a variety of speakers discussing a variety of topics relevant to people living with HIV. Snacks are always provided, too! 


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